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[Why Singapore] Best Education System in Southeast Asia

According to a study by Global Citizens for Human Rights, Singapore is ranked 12th in the list of 2021 World Best Education Systems. The study looks at the country’s early childhood enrollment rates for adult literacy. Not only that, two universities in Singapore – National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University – are ranked 1st and 3rd respectively in QS Asia University Rankings 2022.

Reformed Education System

Singapore’s education system is adapted from her British colonial past; this is evident in the Singapore-Cambridge O-Level and A-Level annual examinations. Just recently, the Ministry of Education has announced the removal of mid-year examinations for all primary and secondary school students by 2023. This was decided after seeing the positive impact on Primary 3 and 5 and Secondary 1 and 3 students when the mid-year examinations were removed over the past few years. These students were able to focus more on in-depth learning instead of cramming for an exam just to score a high mark. The schools and teachers were also more able to pace their teachings to allow their students to maximise their learning in school.

Holistic Learning

Instead of focusing solely on academic learning, Singapore’s education focuses on holistic education to encourage students to be curious learners that wants to learn beyond what is taught in school. To achieve this, schools have several programmes in place. First, the Values in Action (VIA) programme aims to raise awareness about community issues to students and provides an opportunity for students to contribute to the issue that they are concerned about. This programme was previously known as Community Involvement Programme (CIP), which only focused on serving the community.

The second non-academic programme is Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs). In primary and tertiary school, CCAs are not compulsory. However, it is compulsory to participate in a CCA in secondary school, with exceptions on a case-by-case basis. There are four types of CCAs available: Performing Arts, Physical Sports, Uniformed Groups, and Clubs & Societies. These CCAs enable students to develop their leadership skills, communication, and many other soft skills which can rarely be learnt in a classroom setting.

Last but not least, a Modular Third Language Programme is being piloted in secondary schools for students to pick up a third language and to learn about other cultures. Additionally, most schools have a partnership with an overseas school to facilitate student exchanges. This allows students to broaden their horizons by experiencing what it is like to stay overseas for a period of time.

With these programmes, students are equipped with the opportunities and tools to develop their leadership and character. The teachers of their respective programmes will serve as mentors to guide the students to achieve their goals.

Varied Learning Pathways

Singapore’s education is designed to provide students with the choice to choose their most suitable learning style. After the completion of secondary school, students can choose to enrol on a polytechnic or junior college; both of which will lead to university education (if they choose to continue with their education). The difference in tertiary education acknowledges that all students have a different learning style – some might prefer to learn a more generalised subject while another might prefer to specialise in a certain course. By offering different learning systems, students will be able to achieve what they want at their own pace, via their own method.

The education system in Singapore has been one of the best for several decades. It is without a doubt that students from Singapore have gone through well-rounded learning and are equipped with the right knowledge and skills to contribute meaningfully to the workforce in the years to come. To know more about the education enrolment process after migrating to Singapore, contact us via our contact form, email (, or WhatsApp (+65 8792 2664) today!

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