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German microchip maker Infineon Technologies will be making Singapore its first global hub to see Artificial Intelligence (AI) in every job function over the next three years. The $27 million plan includes upskilling more than 1,000 of its 2,200 employees here and deploying around 25 unique AI projects covering the entire value chain of activities by 2023.

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Mr Chua Chee Seong, president and managing director of Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific, stated that Singapore is the first in Infineon worldwide to embark on a comprehensive AI journey for all business and manufacturing operations. He also mentioned that this digital transformation will make its existing employees capable of deploying and developing AI solutions in all business functions and help make AI the foundation of the company. While there will be no manpower changes for this expansion, the company is also prepared to hire more people if necessary. 


Infineon will be engaging with Singapore’s semiconductor, electronics and innovation ecosystems through collaborating with SGInnovate, local start-ups, institutes of higher learning and research institutions. In addition, they are also looking to offer AI courses and certifications by joining forces with National University of Singapore’s Institute of Systems Science and the National Research Foundation’s AI Singapore programme.


Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat noted the significance of the global semiconductor industry in current pandemic times due to the rising demand for digital technologies that Infineon is well-positioned to serve. Under the AI initiative, Infineon Singapore will be partnering academia, industry and local AI start-ups to develop new AI solutions and courses. Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative is also in line with Infineon Singapore’s vision in making the garden city an AI innovation hub and a key player in Infineon’s global AI strategy.

German chipmaker Infineon to make Singapore its first global hub to embed AI in all job roles

Date: 2 Dec 2020
Source: TheStraitsTimes


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