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Terms and Conditions

Do note the terms of engagement set out below: 

1. This contract is valid for 1 year upon us receiving full payment from you. Within this period, we will require you to furnish us the mandatory documents meted out in the Documents Checklist for us to commence checks and preparation work. 


2. All documents provided to you are to be kept strictly confidential and we promise the same. All client’s documents will solely be used for the purpose of the application. 


3. Fergus Consultancy Group Private Limited shall not be held liable for any incorrect information in the final submission if the error stems from inaccuracy from client’s input and/or for any false declarations from client as it is clearly stated that doing so will cause an applicant to run afoul with the law in Singapore. 


4. The outcome of the application is solely dependent on the local authorities and Fergus Consultancy Group Private Limited will never be able to influence the result once it is released. We strive to ensure all clients’ submissions and applications are up to the strict reviewing standards of ICA (Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore) and that their supporting documents will successfully showcase their entire profile to receive the highest consideration from the Government. 


5. The service fees payable to us do not include the following: a. Translation & notarisation of documents 

      b. Retrieval & delivery of documents 

      c. Drafting of resume 

      d. Setting up of investment-related services/accounts 

      e. Any other services not stated in invoice. 

6. Submission of documents will be done on behalf of client by the Documents Team of Fergus Consultancy Group Private Limited and strictly no sit-in by client is allowed. 


7. The package of documents submitted will be sent to client within 3 days after successful submission, together with the acknowledgement slip of payment of ICA fee/s. 


8. Payment is to be made in full to the following account before the relevant documents are sent to client via email together with advice regarding supporting efforts e.g. donations, volunteering, investment options etc: 

9. All fees are non-refundable. We also strive to keep all documents confidential and only for the purpose of submission. All fees payable to ICA are non-profitable and payable by us during submission. 


 Fergus Consultancy Group Private Limited (UEN - 202031756K)

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