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We extend this invitation, through a wide array of premium immigration services, to all who wishes to be a part of the country through successful immigration via work, business or investments.

Singapore Permanent Residence
(PR) Application

As a foreigner, you may be eligible to apply for Singapore permanent residence if you are a/an spouse of a Singapore citizen (SC) or Singapore permanent resident (PR Singapore), an unmarried child aged below 21 born within the context of legal marriage to, or have been legally adopted by, an SC or PR, aged parent of an SC, holder of an Employment Pass or S Pass, a student studying in Singapore or a foreign investor in Singapore. Allow us to simplify the entire process for you. Lean back and enjoy the experience.



Other Permanent Residency Services



Singapore Permanent Residency Retention (REP)

A Singapore PR will require a valid Re-Entry Permit when one travels out and re-entries and remains as a PR. Typically REPs will be valid for 5 years.


Challenges when renewing REP:

  • The SPR is not based in Singapore for the majority of the time

  • Changes in family profile mix from the initial application (EG: Children renounced SPR status)

  • No income tax payable for the majority of the time

Singapore PR Rejection Analysis


The Immigration Checkpoint Authorities (ICA) does not share specific information on the assessment of applications or disclose reasons for rejection. This has resulted in most applicants searching for answers or resulted in a lengthy trial and error process.

Common Rejections Identified

  • Lack of integration efforts in Singapore 

  • Errors in submission documents submitted 

  • Quota restrictions in highly common profile type 

(EG: Nationality, Industry)

Image by Jisun Han
Singapore PR Application

Singapore Citizenship Application

Your quest to be a holder of one of the most powerful passports in the world begins with us. A grueling process, nonetheless, we are here for you. 

You are eligible to apply for Singapore Citizenship if you have been a Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) for at least two years and are aged 21 and above.

Other Citizenship Services



Sponsorship for dependent

A Singapore Citizen is eligible to sponsor their dependents on the below scenario.​

  • Sponsorship of Spouse

You must have been a Singapore PR and married to a Singapore Citizen for at least two years

  • Sponsorship of unmarried children aged below 21

The sponsored child must be within the context of a legal marriage to, or have been legally adopted by, a Singapore Citizen.

  • Sponsorship of aged parent 

The sponsored aged parent must be a Singapore Permanent Resident.

Application for PR studying in Singapore

A PR studying in Singapore; and have been residing in Singapore for more than 3 years (of which at least one year as a PR); and have passed at least one national exam (i.e. PSLE, GCE 'N'/'O'/'A' levels), or are in the Integrated Programme (IP).

Singapore PR Rejection Analysis


The Immigration Checkpoint Authorities (ICA) does not share specific information on the assessment of applications or disclose reasons for rejection. This has resulted in most applicants searching for answers or resulted in a lengthy trial and error process.

Common Rejections Identified

  • Exclusion of family members in the application

  • Lack of financial stability in profile  

  • Errors in submission documents submitted 

  • Quota restrictions in highly common profile types 

(Ethnic Integration Policy)

Singapore Citizenship Application

Work Pass Applications
(S Pass / Employment Pass)

The Singapore Employment Pass is issued to professionals, managerial personnel (managing directors, general managers, CEOs), executives, or specialists who wish to work in Singapore. The candidate must earn at least S$4,500 (from 1 September 2020) and S$5,000 in the financial sector (from 1 December 2020) to qualify.

Work Pass Applications

Personalized Employment Pass
(PEP) Application

The PEP is a special type of Employment Pass issued to top-tier individuals based on their merits. The PEP is independent of any employer; hence its holder can switch employers without affecting the status of the pass. He/she is also entitled to stay in Singapore for up to 6 months in between jobs to evaluate opportunities. We can definitely assist you if: you are an overseas foreign professional and your last drawn fixed monthly salary overseas was at least S$18,000 (within the last 6 months) or an Employment Pass holder earning a fixed monthly salary of at least S$12,000.

PEP Application

Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP),
Dependant's Pass (DP) Application

The Dependant’s Pass (DP) entitles the immediate family member of a work visa holder to live in Singapore. To qualify for dependant privileges, the sponsoring work visa holder must earn a minimum monthly salary of S$6,000. The status of the Dependant’s Pass is connected to the validity of the Singapore work visa. 

The LTVP can be achieved for your Common-law spouse, unmarried handicapped children above 21 years old, unmarried stepchildren under 21 years old, or parents – only for those applicants earning a fixed monthly salary of at least S$12,000.

Long Term Visit Pass / Dependant Pass

Global Investor Program (GIP)

The Global Investor Programme (GIP) accords Singapore Permanent Resident status (PR) to eligible global investors who intend to drive their businesses and boost investment growth in Singapore. You will need to have a substantial business track record and successful entrepreneurial background to qualify and we will be able to analyse your profile effectively as part of your decision-making process.

Business Relocation/ Incorporation

It is no surprise Singapore is a go-to for investors and business-savvy individuals. We bridge the gap for you and your business here in the country through sound advisory and achieving all the necessary paperwork and clearances. Business is already as complex on its own, let us simplify the rest of the work



• Professional support to incorporate various business set-ups, sole-proprietor, partnership, LLC, VCC and many more

• Business structural support such as local nominee director, corporate secretary, registered office address

• Singapore business trust advisory and set-up

• Various trusts set-up (Eg. Charitable trust, Collective investment trusts, Statutory trusts, Private family trust)

Global Investor Program
Business Relocation

Family Office

High net worth individuals choose Singapore for our sound financial regulation, strong rule of law, as well as political and economic stability. The breadth and depth of institutions here also give them ready access to global and regional financial markets while providing a full suite of wealth management services to meet their every need. Connect with us.

Family Office

Corporate HR Immigration Support

Singapore’s immigration landscape has become more complex and diverse in recent years. As Singapore transits to become a global hub, many employees are looking to settle down with their families in the garden city. 


We work with HR partners to provide employees with professional advice and immigration expertise.


Corporate HR support

  • Outsourced work passes application for foreign employees 

  • Foreign quota trend analysis and restructure 

  • Singapore PR and Citizenship application support for employees

  • Structured immigration package for employees to provide a competitive advantage

  • Dedicated company’s immigration concierge for enquires 

Image by Isaac Matthew
Corporate HR Immigration Support
Image by Zac Zhou

Immigration Attorney

Migration can be a complex matter as it involves cross-border jurisdictions. Individuals needs varies from person to person as well. Hence, having an in-house legal team provides the necessary support and the sense of comfort for our clients.

Immigration legal support

• Expert knowledge of various

• Advise on dual-citizenship, renouncing of citizenships

Immigration Attorney

Cross-border Tax Advisory

Tax complications are often a painstaking work for many individuals and businesses. Especially if it involves multiple jurisdictions, foreign-sourced income and avoidance of Double Tax Agreements (DTAs).


• Singapore’s personal and business tax advisory

• Income tax for US Citizens

• US expatriation tax provision (“Exit tax”) guidance

• Estate tax duties or inheritance tax advisory

Image by Philip Myrtorp
Cross-border Tax Advisory
Image by Tommy Krombacher

Immigration Financial Advisory

Financial requirements differs and are highly individual. Most mainstream financial advisors and bankers caters to the local population (Singaporean). Hence, many expats or newly granted Singapore PRs find the void in understanding of their financial situations, as many requires customisation and flexible solutions. We work with a team of carefully selected immigration trained financial advisors to provide you with the best and most professional advise.



• Review of existing financial policies (including corporate policies)

• Financial advise tailored for expats

• Professionally curated financial strategy for immigration purpose 

Immigration Financial Advisory

Property Advisory

Property matters. An expensive and complex topic here in Singapore. It can be especially daunting when an expat or foreigners are unfamiliar with the many property-related laws in Singapore. From tenant rights and having a diplomatic clause in your tenancy agreement to property taxes such as Additional Buyers’ Stamp Duty for property investors. The team of immigration-trained property agents has it all covered with their vast experience and expert knowledge.



• Support for property related matters

• Property acquisition and rental requirements

• Professionally curated property strategy for your eventual stay in Singapore

Image by Anatoliy Shostak
Property Advisory
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