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Every year, for the past five years, an average of 22,000 new Singapore citizenships, including 1,500 children born overseas to Singaporean parents, were granted. In the same vein, every year, for the past five years, and average of 32,000 new permanent resident citizenships were granted.

New Singapore citizens or permanent residents either have family relations with existing Singaporeans or have already lived, studied, and worked in the country for a certain amount of time. They are selected from a group of candidates who are dedicated and committed to contributing to the country, integrating with its nation, and making Singapore their home. 

Competition to gain a PR citizenship is steep, but there are ways you can make your application stand out among other candidates. Here are 5 factors that influence the success of your Permanent Resident citizenship application. 


  1. Family Planning

Singapore’s total fertility rate is still lower than the minimum needed and the country is rapidly heading towards an ageing population. One of the ways Singapore is countering the low birth rate is by attracting more foreigners to settle down in Singapore. If you plan to settle down and start a family in Singapore, your chances of success will improve as it is seen as having a common interest with the nation to support the increasing population of elderly, counteract its ageing population, and ensure Singapore’s continued longevity and prosperity. Additionally, any existing family ties in Singapore will improve your chances of success as Singapore places a great amount of importance on the value of family and fostering deep relationships within the community.

2. Your Age

Branching out from the same issue of ageing population, there is a decreasing pool of younger able citizens available to support the increasing demands of the country’s economic development while supporting the increasing population of older citizens in Singapore. The United Nations has even projected the country to be experiencing an inverted population pyramid by 2050. 

Thus, if you are younger, or below the age of 50, you have a higher chance of being granted a PR citizenship as it indicates your ability and the number of years you have left to actively contribute to both Singapore’s economic and societal demands. However, this does not mean that candidates above the age of 50 are automatically disqualified. Singapore definitely realizes that being older also means having more valuable industry experience, knowledge, and expertise, and if you have these under your belt, you compensate for having a lower number of years you would be able to actively contribute. 


3. Academic Qualifications and Education Level

Having substantial academic qualifications and credentials is rather unavoidable due to the sheer amount of applications sent in every year. Academic qualifications and education are used to filter through these applications, so having these credentials and backings from institutions will favourably influence your application. If you have industry-specific technical or specialized knowledge, especially in key sectors like research and development, medicine and pharmaceutics, business and finance, and manufacturing and engineering, you will also stand above candidates who don’t. 

4. Economic Contribution

Singapore is always focused on economic growth, progression, and prosperity. Your ability to contribute to the economy is unavoidably one of the key factors that will influence your application, but there are two aspects to this. The first is the obvious – your earning power. The more knowledgeable and competent you are in your field, the higher your rank, the more income you earn, and the more you can support the people around you. However, this does not mean that applicants early in their career will be excluded. The second aspect of economic contribution looks at your spending power as well. Even if you are not earning as much as veteran candidates, the amount you spend also drives the economy.  


5. Your Industry of Expertise

To remain competitive in a rapidly progressing world, Singapore is shifting its focus to key performing industries such as information and communications technology, finance, and manufacturing. If you belong to, specialize in, or have subject-matter expertise in any of these fields, your application gains an edge over your competitors due to your relevance and ability to contribute to growth sectors. If you don’t belong to any of these sectors, you may also want to look at whether the industry you are currently in is temporal, or for the long run. 

5 Factors That Influence Your PR Application

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