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We have all heard about the relocation of Dyson’s global headquarters to Singapore, now, they are planning to set up a new and advanced manufacturing hub on the sunny island as well. This hub is part of the £2.75 billion (S$4.93 billion) investment in the United Kingdom (UK) and the Philippines, an investment that would increase Dyson’s product portfolios by twofold and double its venture into new fields by 2025. 

Resources are being invested in areas such as next-generation motor technology, connectivity, material science as well as the commercialisation of solid state battery technology. One of Dyson’s priorities, this commercialisation is said to provide cleaner and more efficient energy storage than current batteries and is currently being developed in Singapore, the UK, the United States and Japan. 


When the new global head office located at St James Power Station opens in 2021, it will boost an expansion of its research and development facilities, as well as machine learning and robotics research laboratories. Together with the manufacturing hub, the integration of all its various facilities will drive technical innovation in the field. This investment and subsequent expansion in the three countries are vital for the company’s development and what would be more strategic than investing in new technologies such as energy storage, robotics and software which drives performance and product sustainability in the current times. 


On top of the current 22 university research programmes with British universities like Oxford, Imperial College and Cambridge, Dyson also plans to establish a university research programme in Singapore to drive product development and build on its existing global programmes.

Dyson’s new advanced manufacturing hub to be set up in Singapore, in $4.9b investment across 3 countries

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Date: 30 Nov 2020
Source: TheStraitsTimes


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