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Reasons to Settle Down in Singapore

Singapore has always been one of the top choices for immigrants to settle down in. The crime rates are low, communities are welcoming to people of different cultures, career opportunities are endless, and the economy is strong. Not only that, there are also other reasons to settle down in Singapore.

Singapore is one of the least corrupt countries.

According to a survey by Transparency International, Singapore is ranked at the fourth position, with a score of 85, in the 2021 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI). The survey took into account the perception of citizens on the levels of public sector corruption.

Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) director Denis Tang stated that Singapore’s high ranking on the index is attributed to the public’s strong stance against corruption and the public servants’ constant vigilance. Not only that, while rolling out economic recovery plans when COVID-19 hit the country, Singapore managed to conduct checks on the plan to ensure that there would be no corruption. As a result of the government’s close watch, medical supplies theft, price inflation, and sales of counterfeit medical products has been kept to a minimum.

Furthermore, the modernized economy of Singapore and strong bureaucracy made it possible to uphold the anti-corruption laws. The constant effort by the government has also seen results, with Singapore ranking highly in CPI over the past decade.

Singapore the place to develop talents.

Various studies and research have found that Singapore is one of the top few countries which is able to attract and has the resources to develop talents. In 2021, Singapore was ranked second on the global talent competitiveness index. The index considers six factors – “enabling, attracting, growing and retaining talent, vocational and technical skills, and global knowledge skills”. Equipped with these skills and coupled with resilient business infrastructures, the chances of individuals being matched to a job which suits their vocation will be higher.

Singapore has one of the best education systems.

The education system in Singapore is one of the top tiers. From a young age, children are encouraged to enroll into a preschool to pick up basic skills. Following which, primary and secondary education mainly teaches generalized subjects for students to determine which subject they are interested in. After which, they have to choose between two types of tertiary education – junior college and polytechnic. After 2-3 years of tertiary education, students can choose to take on an undergraduate degree to further their education.

With an endless list of reasons why Singapore is the best place to settle down in, interested individuals should start planning for a migration. To know more about the immigration process, contact us via our contact form, email (, or WhatsApp (+65 8792 2664) today!

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