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Why is Integration Important

Social integration is an increasingly important factor when it comes to applications to be a Singapore Citizen and Singapore Permanent Resident (PR). It refers to the bond that is built between individuals as well as different communities in a country. With social integration, every individual will be able to enjoy the amenities and facilities available for the public’s use. An instance of social integration is the marriage of a Singaporean and a foreigner; this signifies that the foreigner has been well integrated into Singapore and is willing to grow roots here.

Reduction of social impact of new citizens and permanent residents

Back in the mid-2000s, there was a huge influx of new citizens and PRs. This caused the property prices to soar and local residents began to feel unhappy with the new group of people hanging out in their community. Several years later, the immigration policy was tightened; resulting in a decrease of new PR status, from 79,000 in 2008 to around 30,000 after 2010.

In 2013, the government prioritized the ability to integrate into our society in addition to the applicants’ contribution to Singapore. This was done in an effort to ensure the satisfaction of local residents and to retain the local culture in Singapore while approving the applications for citizenship and permanent residency for economic growth. Individuals who have studied in Singapore previously will have a higher successful application rate as they have experienced Singapore’s education and have forged relationships. This will likely be deemed as a substantial effort made to integrate into the locals’ lives.

Ways to integrate into Singapore’s society


A common topic which everyone can talk about in Singapore is food. The cuisines in Singapore are not limited to just Chinese, Malay, and Indian dishes; there are also Thai cuisine, Vietnamese cuisine, Greek cuisine, and more. When trying out new dishes, do keep an open mind as the taste can be different from what you are used to. Despite that said, there will always be something that you will love outside of your own cuisine!


Though volunteering is one of the ways which can help immigrants to integrate into the society, it is advisable to volunteer with a heart to serve the community and not to increase your chances of a successful residency application. There are various causes which you can volunteer for, and here are some of the organisations in which you might be interested in.

Taking part in activities and events at a Community Club (CC) is a great way to meet like-minded people while engaging in your favourite hobbies. Different CCs offer different activities, with the more common ones being water sports, arts & crafts, cooking classes, and dance classes. There are over 100 CCs in Singapore currently; you will definitely be able to find an activity that you enjoy!

Is social integration necessary?

Social integration is one of the considerations for the approval of a residency application. It might be hard to step out of your comfort zone to meet new people, but it will definitely be rewarding as you will be experiencing a new environment with new food and new friends!

Not only do you need to integrate into Singapore’s society seamlessly, there are also tips to take to improve your success rate. Drop us a message here if you are keen to find out what can be done to ensure a high approval rate today!

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