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6 Benefits of A Permanent Resident Citizenship

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Every year, countless people from around the world come to Singapore to build their lives, and they, along with the government and its citizens, work together towards maintaining, growing, and evolving the country so that continues to prosper. This little red dot is one of the most desirable cities to build a life in because of a multitude of factors – here are 6 benefits of having a permanent resident citizenship in Singapore.

  1. Strongly-Developed Infrastructure

From a tiny fishing village to the urban city it is today, Singapore has spared no effort in developing its infrastructure. Comprehensive urban and landscape planning has allowed the country to blend technology and nature cohesively to effectively make use of the limited land and space available. Citizens can enjoy innovative hubs, cutting-edge malls, parks, recreational lands and natural landscapes that were planned and designed for a holistic way of living. The country also boosts comprehensive and extensive road networks and transport systems that allow its inhabitants to travel across the island quickly and easily. There are many modes of public transportation available – private cars, public buses, the MRT, taxis, and at some locations, bike rental stations. Transportation has been made extremely affordable too – there are various fares for different demographics, and they are all significantly cheaper than owning a car or taking a taxi. 2. A Clean and Safe Environment One of the hallmarks of what makes Singapore a desirable place to live in is its level of cleanliness and safety. There are strict laws and regulations in place that prevent people from littering and irresponsibly leaving their trash around. Recently, Singapore has also introduced laws that restrict smoking areas so that cigarettes are properly disposed of and the smoke doesn’t pollute unventilated areas and affect passers-by. The government has invested a lot into encouraging the use of public transport instead of private cars so that the level of carbon emission can be reduced without compromising on the ability to get around the island. Generally, Singaporeans are highly law-abiding citizens, and crime rates are comparatively low. You often see students and adults leaving their laptops, smart devices, books, and belongings unattended in cafes or fast food joints while they queue up to buy some food. 3. Affordable Housing for Everyone There’s a wide range of accommodations available, from more affordable public housing flats to high-end private property. However, location is a factor that significantly affects housing prices regardless of whether they are public or private property. Property located in town areas like Orchard Road and the Central Business District tend to be more expensive, whereas those located in heartlands like Toa Payoh and Jurong will be relatively cheaper. Location is usually not an issue, though, since Singapore’s efficient transport system takes care of that. Many Singaporeans and Permanent Residents opt for Housing Development Board (HDB) flats as they are much cheaper compared to private housing. However, private housing like condominiums come with amenities like swimming pools, gyms, and recreational areas that public housing lacks. 4. A Stable and Progressive Economy Singapore is known to have one of the most open, stable, and progressive economies in the world. Due to limited land and natural resources, its economy is mainly driven by its research and development, medical and pharmaceutical prowess, healthcare expertise, financial services, tourism, clean energy, and exporting manufactured electronics, parts, and machinery. 5. Job Opportunities Are Endless Promising job opportunities are bountiful in Singapore, especially if you are a citizen or a PR. The government has enforced certain employment laws and regulations to ensure that sufficient job placements are available for locals and PRs and so that the country does not serve its foreign talents at the expense of its citizens. A PR status can also make job transitions much smoother as it removes the trouble of going through pass renewals and potential complications. Furthermore, Singapore attracts foreign businesses and investments all year-round. Job and employment opportunities will always follow. 6.Quality Healthcare for Everyone A PR status also grants you eligibility for the tax, medical, and financial benefits offered by the Central Provident Fund (CPF) board. Every Singaporean or PR must adopt a mandatory savings scheme where a certain percentage of your gross monthly income goes into the CPF savings account and earns accumulated interest. A portion of those savings, called Medisave funds, can be used to pay for medical and hospitalization expenses for you and your dependants, who must also have PR status. Apart from this, there are also various other medical insurance schemes available to Singapore citizens and PRs like Medishield and Medishield Plus to help cover unexpected medical costs in the event of an accident, a terminal illness, or other circumstances. This is the government’s effort to ensure that healthcare remains affordable and accessible in Singapore.

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